Summer Program

This pro­gram pro­vides an excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ty to make use of time of your chil­dren dur­ing the sum­mer break.  

Com­pre­hen­sive Quran­ic Class­es are held dur­ing the sum­mer. The par­tic­i­pants learn Quran (Recita­tion and mem­o­riza­tion), Hadith, Islam­ic Stud­ies (his­to­ry, belief and eti­quettes) and Prayer (learn and review). In addi­tion, Hifz pro­gram is also offered for those who intend to become Hafiz. Stu­dents also enjoy cre­ative learn­ing, arts and crafts, and home eco­nom­ics. 

This pro­gram is offered for boys and girls ages six years to the col­lege stu­dents. It runs Mon­day to Thurs­day from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

The details of the pro­gram are post­ed on the web­site as they become avail­able. 

This year the pro­gram will be offered in-per­son. See the fly­er for details. 



Return­ing Stu­dents: If the stu­dents were reg­is­tered in “Sun­day School 2021–2022 school year” , NO Reg­is­tra­tion form required. Just Pay the required fees (Online only) 

New Students:  if the stu­dents were NOT reg­is­tered in “Sun­day School 2021–2022 school year”  . Go to Sum­mer School > Stu­dents and must fill out reg­is­tra­tion form and  Pay the required fees (Online only)  

One child: $100

Two or  more Chil­dren: $125  


Fee Waiv­er: 

Par­tial Fee Waiv­er: If you desire to make a par­tial pay­ment, you can do so as a dona­tion. Please use the dona­tion but­ton to pay and send an email to the school at the fol­low­ing address with the text “Par­tial fee waiv­er is request­ed.” [email protected] 

 Full Fee Waiv­er: If you desire a full fee waiv­er, please send an email to the school at the fol­low­ing address with the text “ Fee waiv­er is request­ed.” [email protected] 

This will help us in keep­ing track of the amount of fees received, and the amount of fee Waived. 


Hifz Pro­gram:  

Cur­rent­ly enrolled stu­dents: Those stu­dents who are cur­rent­ly enrolled in the cur­rent Hifz pro­gram to become Huf­faz are not required to reg­is­ter and shall fol­low their cur­rent pro­ce­dures to pay their fee. 

New stu­dents: New Stu­dents who desire to reg­is­ter in the Hifz pro­gram to become a Hafiz shall con­tact Br. Waris Sid­diqui at 786 915 7626 and fol­low his direc­tions for reg­is­tra­tion and pay­ment of fees.